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Show Reports for 2011 & 2012


Ch Sengalas Indiana Jones -1st Open Class- Dog CC - Best Of Breed - Pastoral Group 2

Breed Specialist Mrs Sue Carter "Woodacre"

Open Dog

The quality in this class was exceptional and many worthy winners sadly had to leave the class cardless.

"This boy dominated the ring as soon as he entered and had that added charisma that was needed to top such a stunning class and then to carry him through to the Group Ring. An excellent beardie all through, strong head with kind expression, lovely sweeping neck flowing into well laid back shoulders. Strong level topline,correct shape and length of rib and well angulated hindquarters that give him the drive to power effortlessly around the ring - he just got better and better. CC. BOB. Pastoral Group 2."


Pastoral Group Judge Mr Albert Wight.

"The joy of Crufts was here again in all the glory with the green Sward of the NEC Arena surrounded by the totally absorbed masses waiting to greet their favourites in each of the breeds. This year I had the joy of judging what turned out to be one of the most uniform groups I have ever judged for sheer depth of quality and outstanding type across the board. The breed judges had done a superb job & I congratulate them. The result was a lot of hard thinking & even to get down to my final 8 took some consideration. When there is quality in spades, the results have to come down to performance on the day. Coat finish or lack of it makes all the difference, the ability to put every foot in the right place, moving counts for so much and of course the magnetic star appeal quality which makes you want to look & look again. We all recognise it and it is exemplified by this year's BIS winner, the lovely Apso."

"G2 I felt had to go to the beardie, Ch Sengalas Indiana Jones, not a glamour boy in markings but every time I see him, he seems to improve. Here I had a really good male of the breed. Stunning head balance, the softest of expressions, his construction simply flows, no harsh angles, just clean flowing, athletic contours ending up with that low set tail, leading to low set firm hocks. His coat is, thankfully, not overdone but was spotless in presentation. However it is when he moves that he really comes into his own. That precision in stride, the reach and drive which is everything required to show endurance and power with the minimum of fuss and the trueness of his action is evident by his backline which scarcely moves. A really classic Beardie and a pleasure to see him again."


Manchester 150th Anniversary Championship Show

Ch Sengalas Indiana Jones 1st Open Class- Dog CC - Best Of Breed - Pastoral Group 1 - Best In Show

" Having handled and moved all seven group winners I narrowed the field down to two and after a final circuit BIS went to the Bearded Collie male, Ch Sengalas Indiana Jones, I cannot recall having seen him before but when I first spotted him in Hughie Jones Pastoral Group he struck me as being something special and seeing him at close quarters the next day merely confirmed the suspicion. Here is a dog who is correctly balanced for the breed, his construction is superb with good length of upper arm, hence his forelegs are well under him, he has correct ribbing and his hindquarters are absolutely right with no suggestion of over-angulation. He has the most beautiful head and benevolent expression, good length of neck and his topline never falters. His coat is correctly textured, he is fit and well muscled and his presentation was impeccable. Moving, he covers the ground with ease, carrying his head and tail absolutely perfectly for the breed. For me he was a standout winner of BIS - a special dog winning at this special show - and his win was extremely well received. I am sure he has a great future ahead of him." Mr Andrew Brace - Best In Show Judge.

Pastoral Group - Judge Mr Hugh Jones

"I finally narrowed my choice down to four with first place going to a very appealing Bearded Collie, Ch Sengalas Indiana Jones. Good head with appealing expression, correct height and length ratio and well angulated rear quarters. Well presented and shown and was in complete harmony with his handler when asked to move. Congratulations."


Boston Championship Show

Ch Philemon Secret Smile With Sengalas 1st Open Class - Bitch CC & Best of Breed - Judge Mrs Sue O'Brien.

"Charisma, charisma, charisma, is the illusive quality that this enchanting bitch epitomises. She is absolutely stunning and oozes quality, breed type and is so very correct in her construction, she looks so balanced on the stand and moves with such power yet freedom, I make no secret of the fact that this bitch is a great favourite of mine and felt honoured to award her the CC and Best Of Breed here today and was delighted to hear she later took Group 2"

Sengalas Indiana Star - 1st Limit Class & RCC - Judge Mrs Sue O'Brien

"Pure Class describes this exceptional bitch, feminine head with the most gentle of expressions, further enhanced by good pigment, excellent front, super turn of stifle and good layback of shoulders helped to produce a really pleasing picture. She is so balanced for herself and this shows in her movement, she was one of the best movers here today. RCC"

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